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We provide a learning lab solution for underserved children K-12 at our after school program and summer enrichment sessions.  Founded in 2015, due to seeing too many children falling behind the learning curve. 


With the combined experience of our work with Los Angeles and Long Beach Public Schools and input from current and former school teachers, we have created the Learning Lab Solution.  The Learning Lab solution is a proven method of support, which is free for children in need.  Our philosophy is that no child should be left behind the learning curve.  We believe a community is measured by the importance it places on the growth of its children.  It is crucial for us to offer students the support they need to progress with the use of our Learning Lab Solution.


The solution we offer is essential for a child's academic progress and success with  Reading, Math and other core courses.  It gives students adequate time and attention to learn at their pace with the use of Common-Core curriculum-based standards and approved educational materials and exercises from premier resources. 

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  • Virtual and in-person tutoring

  • Monday-Friday between 3:00-6:00pm

  • One-on-one and small groups

  • Homework assistance and enhanced learning in difficult subjects

  • Comprehensive resources of supplemental educational materials

  • Common Core Curriculum Standards

  • Well-educated and trained tutors and teachers with a commitment to improving the academic skills of  students in the community

  • Social development opportunities to grow, learn, build confidence, and  have FUN in the process! 


  • In-person at our Learning Lab in Signal Hill, CA or Virtual from June - August,  Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:30pm

  • Structure provides sustained learning and helps students stay on track for the upcoming school year                                

  • Journaling, reading, math, and other core courses are taught by certified teachers

  • Guest speakers provide mentorship

  • Socical development with fun games and activities to promote team building, creativity and confidence

  • Real-life skills training to help students succeed and thrive in life

  • Fun Fit-sport activities keep students active and healthy 

  • Field trips provide exposure to museums and other sites in the community 

  • Meals and snacks throughout the day

  • We make learning FUN at JLL!

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The Learning Lab Solution

Phase I 

Initial reading and math assessments to evalute a student’s learning ability.  The assessment is used to customize an academic plan for each child, including their proficiency in reading and math.  The academic plan is aligned with each student so they can more easily grasp and master learning concepts to stay on track and succeed. 


Students are matched with a tutor in a 1:1 session, who helps the child engage at the assessed learning level and progress from that point.

Phase II

Monitor academic progress and positive expectations.

Phase III

Record any gains in math, reading skills and comprehension, improved concentration, confidence, motivation, and overall improved grades and test scores. 


The goal is to have students improve their grades by  one letter and higher.

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