Joseph Learning Lab (JLL) believes that a community can be measured by the importance that it places on the growth of its children.  We are committed to maintaining a leadership role in the community as well as be providers of the most innovative, enriching and educational programs, which are presented by degreed and certified educators, tutors, and subject matter professionals in a unique learning environment.


At Joseph Learning Lab, we work to close the learning gap and reduce the dropout rate.  We are focused on developing students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, providing them an equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.  JLL guides students with the use of leading edge technology to produce stimulating educational solutions.  We are passionate about helping students to become empowered and realize their full academic potential.  We do this by utilizing the most innovative in class and virtual learning approaches, and a comprehensive range of integrated programs for a first-class education.


Each student is evaluated and assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This process allows us to personalize the tutoring sessions to fit each student’s educational needs.  The individualized learning plan is aligned with each student, allowing them to grasp and master learning concepts to stay on track with core courses and excel.  


To ensure a student’s success, quality tutoring services are available on school campus, at our organization, or virtual sessions with live, on-line instructors using interactive screens.

The primary benefits that a child achieves at Joseph Learning Lab:

First, each child will develop stronger academic skills.

Second, each child will have better concentration, and attention span.

Third, each child will gain more confidence and motivation.

Fourth, each child will have improved study skills, grades and test scores.




      Joseph Learning Lab is a

      Nonprofit 501(c)(3).  We

      are focused on developing

      students of all ages and

      diverse backgrounds. 

      Students are provided an

      equal opportunity for learning

      and personal growth.  By giving

      back to the community, you  

      can help to close the learning

      gap and reduce the dropout

      rate "One child at a time”


Gert Joseph Williams

Chief Executive Officer - Joseph Learning Lab's Nonprofit 

*Tutoring and Mentoring since 1995

*Former Information Technology Manager (FAA)

*BS Degree Business Management

*Aviation Career Education Camp Mentor/Contributor

*Founding Member/Participant - FAA Adopt-A-School Program

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Joseph-Learning-Lab's Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

*Board of Directors

*Advisory Board

*University Tutors/Interns

*Educators and other Professional Partners/Volunteers

*Student Social Events Coordinator