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Our Mission

Our mission is to close the learning gap, reduce the dropout rate, and develop underserved children of all ages and diverse backgrounds by allowing them an equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.

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Our Story

After seeing far too many children being left behind the learning curve, it was time to step up.  There is a need to bridge the learning gap for many children in underserved communities.  This is a key reason why the Joseph Learning Lab (JLL) was founded in 2015 by Gert Joseph Williams.  Her involvement and impact on the community goes back to the mid-90's.  During her tenure as an information technology leader at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Gert and her associates adopted an elementary school in South Los Angeles.  During that time, she tutored and mentored hundreds of students in successful after-school reading and math programs and sponsored holiday toy and food drives, school supplies, and field trips. 


Early on during the Adopt-A-School program,  it was quickly realized that there was a strong need to connect with students at a young age.  Students who fall behind in reading and math as early as elementary school start to form thoughts of dropping out.  This is a significant factor that compels us to reach out to children who need our help.

Upon retiring from the FAA, Gert decided to focus her full-time efforts on tutoring and impactful education to reach “One Child at a Time.”  She developed a comprehensive educational program that integrates technology into the curriculum and incorporates solutions with blended learning.   


We welcome students K-12 with a commitment to bridge the learning gap and help children get on track and excel via our free tutoring and mentoring services. 




Our Team

Gert Joseph Williams, Founder and Executive Director

Gert is a change advocate with decades of experience and a passion for making a difference.  It shows in her care, support, and attention to each and every student at the Joseph Learning Lab (JLL).  She is actively invested in improving academic achievement for students, and partners  with the Long Beach Unified School District and California State Universities.  She has taken the Joseph Learning Lab

beyond tutoring, by expanding educational opportunities and mentoring for underserved children to help shape their future.

As Executive Director, Gert is passionate about education and oversees all operations of JLL; including fundraising, program development and coordination.  She has over 25 years of experience working with students of various ages, grade levels, learning abilities, and mentored at Aviation and other education career camps.  Gert holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Management from California State University Dominguez Hills.  She has a National Professional Network - Sailing to Success Certification from Howard University.

In 2018, through her efforts, JLL adopted Dooley Elementary School in Long Beach as part of the Adopt-a-School program.  Gert was awarded a Star Volunteer Award for her services.  She has been awarded numerous honors and recognition for her contributions to underserved communities.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of entrepreneurs, community members, and educators who have a vested interest in bettering the learning experience for underserved children.  The Board is dedicated to the cause, and we value their contributions to keep our nonprofit thriving.

Tutors, Teachers, and Mentors

We are a free, donation-based organization that primarily relies on the good work of volunteers.  Our volunteers are invaluable to the learning experience of each student.  They are well-educated and come from diverse backgrounds as teachers, college students, recent graduates, medical professionals, attorneys, business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Each volunteer strives for the same goal, which is to support our mission and "Help One Child at a Time."


        Executive Director                                 JLL Support                       

Summer Staff
Gert Joseph Williams


I can't tell you how grateful we are for all the extra help during a very difficult year. My child has improved in her reading tremendously and I believe it was because of this program.

JLL Student’s Parent

Good morning, thank you so much for taking so good care of my grandchild. Her whole demeanor about school has changed and she is more focused, love to learn and she is doing so much better.

Thank you for all you have done for her. Looking forward to having summer session with you.


JLL Student’s Grandparent 

My student’s grades are all C's with one B (from all F's); except math grades are C's and D's.  Much better than when he stated, and still improving.  I'm very proud of him.  He worked so hard for this!  He is very proud of himself!


JLL Tutor  


My student and I met today, Tuesday and It has been going really great.  He received a B and an A on his last two math tests!!!  We will meet next week for our Monday session.

JLL Tutor, Mr. Fred

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