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The Joseph Learning Lab (JLL) 


Education is valuable! 


This is why we are dedicated to closing the learning gap and developing students of all ages and diverse backgrounds.  Through our free after-school tutoring services and our popular Summer Enrichment Program, students are provided an equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.  

Our successes have been in the Long Beach Community.  However, we support children wherever there is a need for our Learning Lab Solution.  With the Learning Lab Solution, an assessment is used to customize an academic plan for each child, including their proficiency in reading and math.  The academic plan is aligned with the child's learning skills.  The child is then matched with a qualified tutor/teacher and given adequate time and attention to learn and excel.

When a child is registered for after-school tutoring and summer enrichment sessions at JLL, you can be assured that they will get the utmost care and attention needed with our Learning Lab Solution.


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